Mini SAS 36pin (SFF-8087) to 4XSATA cable, 1.0m
Category: Mini SAS  Publish Time: 2012-08-09 20:58 
Mini SAS 36pin (SFF-8087) to 4XSATA cable
Mini SAS 36pin (SFF-8087) to 4XSATA cable, 1.0m

Part No.: WK-0039


. Mini SAS to 4 SATA cable, uses to connect your Mini SAS controller to SATA backplane.
    - Mini SAS (SFF-8087) is the Controller
    - 4 Sata is the Backplane
    - Controller (Mini SAS 4i SFF-8087) to 4x 7Pin SATA storage

Be careful: there are two kinds of version of this cable, ours comply with molex Pin out 2
    - Mini SAS (SFF-8087 Controller) to 4sATA (Backplane)
    - Mini SAS (SFF-8087 HOST) to 4sATA (target) cable

Actually it is very simple to confirm whether this is the correct cable you are looking for:
. Mini SAS (SFF-8087 is the HOST
. 4SATA is the TARGET

Cable length is 1.0 Meter